Brandon Cosley

An examination of different data science platforms and IDEs and when to learn them

Picking the right platform to focus your data science education on is challenging because platforms for doing data science are everywhere today. But this wasn’t always the case. Not too long ago, the only thing available for testing data science was IPython or interactive Python. A command line shell that…

How to set up a remote desktop-enabled data science environment using Cloud VMs

There often comes a time in every data scientist’s journey where she/he/they have moved past learning the fundamentals of data science and begin to apply newly acquired knowledge to bigger and bigger datasets. During this same time, those same data scientists often also begin to experiment with more sophisticated models…

A Simple Program to Jiggle Your Mouse and Fool Your Boss, Intelligently

You know the work world has changed when “Mouse Jiggling” videos go viral. Leah, an unsuspecting work-from-home hacker, posted a video of how she uses a “mouse mover” to keep her green, “don’t worry boss, I’m still here” light lit on her virtual desktop. The response to her video was…well…viral.

Getting Started

Three things to stop worrying about as a young data scientist

Bears have plagued my professional life.

When I was a graduate student in psychology, there was this researcher we learned about, a guy named Dan Wegner, who was famous for studying unwanted thoughts. In his notorious experiments he would demonstrate how asking people not to think of things, like white…

Three things to consider when you go from weekend data science warrior to enterprise data scientist

The amount of free content available online to learn data science is nothing short of ridiculous. Medium tutorials on Towards Data Science, Youtube vidoes, MOOC content (e.g. Coursera), and personal blogs all create an insanely massive, inexpensive ecosystem to learn data science with nothing more than your laptop.

And nothing…

Brandon Cosley

Creative data scientist, sci-fi fan, adventurer. Owner FastDataScience.Ai. Join me Subscribe YT

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